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Did you know that 90% of bearings get damaged as a result of insufficient maintenance?

Csapágy, csapágyak, a Pannon csapágytól!In 80% of the cases the cause of the breakdowns is insufficient lubrication and inappropriate lubricant material selection, in 10% of the rest wrong installation  causes the problems.

These deficiencies can be eliminated, if the bearings are installed by a professional who possesses sufficient professional knowledge and experience and uses tested lubricants meeting every requirement for the operation.

If you pay attention on this you cannot only reduce the number of breakdowns but you can increase the useful life of the parts as well.

Your company does not want to experience a machine stoppage for days either in consequence of the breakdown of a strategically important part such as a bearing?

Thanks to our professional service you can reduce your costs, such as:

  • Spare part costs
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Loss due to production break

P&P Industria Kft. is our contractual servicing partner.

Our maintenance services:

  • tool hiring service
  • installation, tracking
  • lubrication system servicing
  • product shows and training


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