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Engineering Counselling

Pannon Csapágy Kft.Renowned manufacturers and experienced colleagues ensure adequate rotation. We offer numerous special bearings and solutions for special installations, anything required by the state of the art technology.

Would you like to save money for your company?

You can spare counselling costs but the lack of competency can result in loss in the long run.

When is it advisable to have recourse to our services?



  • Width tailoring of flat belts
  • V-belt disk, cogged belt disk and chain wheel drilling and grooving
  • polyurethane cogged belt  and polyurethane belt and round belt welding
  • chain wheel, V-belt and cogged belt disk unique machining
  • roller chain length adjustment
  • breakdown counselling


Roller Bearings


  • machining roller bearings
  • oil groove and lubrication hole forming of spherical roller bearings
  • forming grooves on the outer rings of the bearings according to DIN or customer specifications
  • coupling tapered roller bearings in X-, O-, or tandem arrangement
  • special greasing of roller bearings
  • INA-ELGES ball and socket joint machining
  • machining internal rings, making conical bores
  • supplying bearing blocks with special bearings
  • discovering the causes of bearing damage
  • bearing requirement calculations
  • trainings



Linear Technics


  • cutting shaft supports to size
  • forming threaded bores, machining axle heads
  • linear system confectioning
  • supply of ready-mounted axles with support
  • flat roller cage cutting
  • linear line protection confectioning
  • sample definition
  • counselling


Sliding Bearings


  • machining sinter bronze bushings and other sliding bearings

We develop effective and cost efficient solutions with the cooperation and practical maintenance recommendations of the manufacturers’ engineers. By this means you can increase the lifetime of the bearings, V-belts and you can reduce the number of defects and stoppages.

Contact us so that everything runs smoothly with our professional technical counsel!


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