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Dear Partner,

Since 1994, our company has established its strong market position primarily by selling bearings, bearing accessories and bearing assembly tools. The continuous development of the past years permits an optimistic view of the future. We all live in a speeded-up world, and industrial maintenance requires also flexibility and rapidity, that's why we attempt always to offer the best performance. Our unique client supplying system offers complex value-added solutions to our partners.

We are committed to the highest standards, our work being permeated with optimal performance requirement, expertise and personal approach. Our efficiency is based on the high quality of our products and services as well as the experience and strong commitment of our collaborators, which they prove every day by their know-how and expertise. Application of all these ensures our dynamic growth.

We aim at building long-term partnerships with our clients. We keep our word. Our partners can always count on our promises and agreements.

Learn more about our company, I am looking forward to our cooperation!

Papp Gábor

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